Questions for Your Doggie Daycare #DogLovers

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Taking a long trip and your pup can’t come along? Working long hours and there’s no one home to watch the dog? Doggie day care centers have been booming and are more available to dog owners than ever. These days they offer play hours, grooming and in some cases, even training! But before you drop off the dog, here are some of the most important questions to ask a doggie daycare:

What is the ratio of the daycare staff to dogs?

The answer to this question will give you a good idea of the attention that’s going to be given to your dog. The last thing you want is to leave your dog at a facility that receives 30 dogs in a day and only has two attendants! A 1: 5 ratio is good enough, and you can be certain that your pup will receive the care it needs.

How is the grouping of dogs done? Is it based on their size, age, aggressiveness and activity level?

This is an important question that will let you know how organized the daycare is. For example, dogs of the same age with a similar activity level can be grouped together.

What type of training does the staff have?

This is very important as sometimes it can be a matter of life and death and the team needs to know how to respond. For example, do they have CPR training or first aid? Additionally, how do they manage dog behavior?

These questions are meant to put you at ease and get to know your day care. Don’t leave your dog in a facility you are not comfortable with.

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