Four Tips for Traveling With Your Dog #DogLovers

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Ready to have some road-tripping fun with your furry friend? Well, before you get too excited about it all, here are some handy tips that will make your trip memorable and easy with your dog.

Pay your vet a visit

Has it been a while since you took your pup for a checkup? This is the time to go to your vet to ensure he is in good traveling condition and to get the required vaccinations. Be sure to inform your vet where you are going so you get additional vaccines if necessary.

Pack a bag for your dog

Separate your pup’s treats from your stuff to make them easily accessible when needed. The last thing you want is a fussy dog in your car!

Get a crate for your pup

If your dog is going to spend some considerable amount of time in the car, you need to keep safety issues in mind. Consider this the same as strapping your baby into a car seat. The crate is meant to protect and keep your dog safe during the trip. Buy a crate that has been crash tested, and that has a safety seal on it. This will also come in handy at your accommodation when the dog needs to sleep.

Prepare your pup

If you’ve never traveled with your dog, there’s a chance it may suffer from car sickness. What you should do is feed him/ her about 2 hours before you start your trip, then take away any food until you leave.

Now that you are well prepared, it’s time to push the pedal to the metal and have some fun!

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