Keeping Your Pup Cool #DogLovers

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As we all know, the warm weather can get a tad hot in Heathrow, especially during the summer months. Lucky for us, we can always stay in our houses and wait for the sun to go down before stepping out, but this is not usually the case for our furry friends. They need to go outside to ‘take care of business’, get their exercise and just be a dog.

It’s up to us to keeping our pups cool and ensure their health and utmost comfort. Here are some cooling tips that will get you a thank you lap from your pup.

A dab of rubbing alcohol

If your dog gets too hot, simply rub their paws with rubbing alcohol. It quickly brings down their body temperature.

Tech all the way

Today, there seems to be a gizmo for practically everything and this includes keeping your pup cool. Get some cooling beds, collars, vests and even pup boots to protect their feet especially when walking on hot pavement.

Create some shade

When your dog is playing outside, ensure you create shade where he/ she can go cool off and relax. You can use an umbrella or even set up a tiny tent.

The best thing to do is to keep them cool inside during the hottest times of the day.

If you see your pup whining, panting uncontrollably, acting restless, or odd or sluggish behavior, hose him down or put him in a cool or room temperature bath (not ice old, this will cause shock!). Call your vet immediately if you suspect heart stroke. The key is to prevent an overheating crisis at all times.

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