Local Employers Invited to Offer Job Shadowing Opportunities for SCPS Students


(SANFORD, Fla.) October 11, 2016 – Many employers emphasize the need for students to have real world work experience upon entering the workforce. Recognizing and responding to this need, The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools (The Foundation) is excited to announce that the Bank of America Foundation has awarded $10,000 for the SCPS Education Pathways (ePathways) initiative, Shadow for Success.

Shadow for Success will allow 9 th and 10th grade students to “test drive” careers at different businesses throughout Central Florida. The Bank of America Foundation grant will provide students transportation to job sites, student portfolios, professional attire and lunch during the two-day Shadow for Success event this fall. Local employers are needed to provide students with these invaluable experiences, so ePathways invites local employers to open their doors by hosting a group of students at their business. During the two-day comprehensive career opportunity, employers can create job shadowing experiences or facilitate skills development workshops for students. The skills development workshop will help students cultivate a basic understanding of the skills needed to succeed in internships and future careers. Job shadowing will allow students to connect with local industries and help them decide if that career field is a possible future career pathway.

“We are grateful to Bank of America for providing this job shadowing experience opportunity to our students,” said Jason Wysong Ed.D., Executive Director of ePathways and Strategic Partnerships for SCPS. “We believe it is important to get students into the workplace so that they can learn about the types of skills they will need to solve real-world problems. We also want them to identify potential careers and understand the education pathways necessary to obtain high-skill, high-wage employment.”

Interested in learning more about Shadow for Success? Contact Jill Fierle at Jill_Fierle@scps.us or 407-320- 0343 for more information on how to get your business involved.

About The Foundation The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) direct support organization that raises funds to enhance the performance of students and teachers in Seminole County Public Schools. Since inception in 1986, the Foundation has raised over $36 million from engaged citizens and businesses to ensure that today’s students become tomorrow’s productive citizens. For more information, call 407.320.0180 or visit www.foundationscps.org.

Charneisha Pates, Development Specialist
charneisha_pates@scps.k12.fl.us, (407) 320-0119

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