How To Add Color To Your Home (Without Painting!)


A colorful room is naturally lively. Painting multiple colors can be quite expensive, take a ton of time, and might be out of your budget. However, this shouldn’t deny you the experience of varied hues in your home. Without picking up the paintbrush, your home can be just as colorful as a painted one. Here’s how:

Add a large painting

Are you a fan of artwork? Consider visiting your nearest artwork gallery and choose the painting that pleases you most. If you want specific colors that are not already made, the artiste will be ready to customize yours. Better still, you could make your own painting! You just need to assemble a piece of canvas, a set of acrylic paints, and a foam brush. This could be cheaper and more fun, especially if you know how to use the brush to create a colorful painting.

What color are your curtains and carpets?

Having gloomy-colored curtains and carpets could be the reason you need a colorful home. How about exchanging them for colorful ones? Find curtains and carpets with your favorite colors and note the change. In the same breath, clean the brightly-colored curtains regularly to remove visible stains.

Find colorful pillows and throws

If you want to surround your house with a variety of colors, replace your dull-colored pillows and throws with colorful ones. Let your favorite colors dominate the others. You’ll be surprised to find that the colors will overhaul the gloomy look of your home and replace it with the right brightness your home just needed!

It’s easy, cost effective, and fun. Create more liveliness in your home without having to splash the paints around your wall by adopting the aforementioned tips.

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