Ways to Add Light to Your Back Patio

Nothing compares to a relaxed evening after a long day at work on your well lit and decorated patio. It calms your spirit, soaks you in tranquility and livens up your mind in the most unimaginable way. It does not cost much to actualize this dream. Just a little effort and creativity and voila! Your patio no longer has a trace of dullness or boredom. Whichever the size your patio is, a touch of lighting will enhance its beauty. Below are some ideas that will help you get the most out of those leisurely evenings on your patio.

String lights

String lights illuminate a sparkling soft glow of light adding life to your patio. They are cost effective and thus spare your budget. When purchasing string lights, be sure to select outdoor bulbs which will give you a long service.


Sconces provide a perfect alternative in lighting your patio. Choose a big lantern fixture that will cast an amazing glow to your patio.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is lower in voltage. It therefore does a good job in showering your patio with the ambiance you deserve. For a better experience, landscape lighting can be used together with string lights and scones. Landscape lighting is calm and safe to use.

Pendant lights

A well-positioned pendant light saves the day. It adds charm to your patio elegantly and gives you unmatched ambiance.

Consider the above cheap, easy and creative ways to enhance and extend your patio leisure time.

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